200 battle ropes every day for 3 years. Don’t let a bad grip be the difference between victory and defeat.

Don't sweat your grip.™

Every athlete knows what it’s like to need a great grip but have sweaty hands. Sweat loses matches. Sweat loses games. Sweat misses the game winning shot. That’s why we invented Wickeze™.

Wickeze™ is a composite wicking material that we sew into the side panels of our technical clothing that gives you an always-available place to dry your hands: No time outs required.

How it Works
technical to the core.

Wickeze™ Composite Material lives inside our technical clothing and delivers dry hands whenever you need them. For sports where grip and control are critical, there is no better way to ensure that you are ready for the final play, the final lift, or match point.

How it Works

Wickeze™ is a multi-layer technical fabric that is designed to wick the sweat from your hands. Wickeze™ hand wicking surfaces run down the sides of our clothing and offer a foolproof way to dry your hands when you need them the most. Just a downward wiping motion on the Wickeze™ strip and you are ready for whatever comes next.

Who needs Wickeze™?

We have specific clothing solutions for tennis, fitness, and football, and our workout clothing usually has something that will work for any other situation where a good grip is important to success.

Wickeze has three layers to wick sweat away from your body
Looped Wickeze™ retains moisture
Outer absorbent layer grabs moisture and delivers it to Wickeze
Wickeze™ wins games.

The X-Factor

Our new compound material absorbs the sweat from your hands every time you wipe them on the Wickeze™ strip. Because it is built in to your clothing, you don’t ever need a timeout or break in play to get that little edge that helps you win. So while the guy that is guarding you is wiping his hands on his soaking wet shirt, you’re actually ready for a fast break.

We have a line of products for 

athletes that want an edge.


Shorts / Skirts/ Dresses


Shorts / Leggings




Football Pant

Whoever said, 'it's not
whether you win or
lose that counts,'
probably lost.

- Martina Navratilova

Caring for Wickeze™

Wickeze™ clothing is easy to maintain. Just throw it in the wash with your other delicate clothing on the gentle cycle, use a detergent that is appropriate for synthetic fabrics, and wash at cold temperature. To dry, we recommend hang-drying or drying flat on a towel.

Because Wickeze™ is designed to wick sweat, we do not recommend multiple wearings between washing if you have been wearing it during extremely sweaty activities.

At some point every athlete will fail. You will miss the clutch shot. You will lose match point. You will crash within sight of the finish line. You will slip and you will fall. Make no mistake about it; you will fail.

And none of it matters as long as you get up.